A few weeks ago I returned to Tobler & Associates after finishing my second year of the nursing program at BYU. It is interesting for me to spend time in the hospital working with patients who have fallen or have been in motor vehicle accidents, and then to come to Tobler & Associates and to see people getting compensated for those injuries.

I recently spent 6 weeks in Taiwan learning about global health and cultural diversity. I came across countless patients who had been involved in car accidents or motor bicycle accidents and were now severely permanently injured. I worried about how these families, some of them living in poverty, would be able to pay for the medical bills.

Taiwan is not a very litigious society and it is not uncommon to see two cars parked at the side of the road where the drivers will talk over the details, arrive at an agreement of who was at fault, and decide how much money should change hands as a result. This often does not cover the cost of more long-term injuries that can result from an accident. I am happy to be back in America and back at Tobler & Associates where we can help people get compensated for injuries sustained because of the negligence or wrongful conduct of others.

Legal Assistant Rainy