Is Your Wireless Carrier Liable for Your Car Crash in Phoenix AZ?

The Texting Epidemic

Texting while driving is illegal in Arizona. Nonetheless, many teenagers and adults continue the practice because smartphones have become central to their lives. According to the National Safety Council, it’s estimated that nearly 1.6 million vehicle crashes in the United States can be attributed to cell phone use while driving. While many teenagers and adults understand the hazards associated with texting while driving, and drivers in Arizona understand that it’s also illegal, they don’t care. Despite their knowledge of the associated risks and the driving laws, many vehicle operators ignore their better judgement, and they put their enjoyment above the lives and well-being of other drivers.

Your Smartphone and Liability for Manufacturers

Because of the increase of vehicular crash deaths, safety lobbyists and activists are calling on cell phone manufacturers to protect innocent drivers. The reasoning behind putting the onus on smartphone manufacturers is twofold. First, smartphone manufacturers are in the best position to prevent distracted driving accidents by pre-installing applications that disable cell phone usage while a vehicle is moving. Second, it’s believed that drivers are too addicted to prevent themselves from checking their smartphones while driving. When a person checks his or her cell phone for a text message, e-mail, or a social media alert, that person experiences a dopamine reaction. It’s due to the physical addiction of smartphone usage that lobbyists and activists believe that the knowledge about safety risks and state laws aren’t’ enough to curtail cell phone usage while driving.

Identifying the Liable Party

Car crash claims were never easy to handle without an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies hire adjusters and defense law firms who specialize in reducing the value of your personal injury claim.

Now, with the advent of smartphones and the pervasive smartphone addiction sweeping out world, car crash claims have become even more complicated. Identifying the responsible party is no longer as simple as identifying the other driver and their auto insurance carrier. Many states are imposing liability on third party cell phone users who text a driver while knowing that person is driving. Furthermore, with the call to action lobbyists and activists have with regard to cell phone manufacturers taking responsibility, it’s possible that your car accident claimmight involve the other driver’s wireless carrier too.

If you’re injured in a car accident in Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, or other areas in Arizona, our experienced car accident attorney can help protect your rights and identify the responsible party.