Do I Need To Call Police To The Scene Of My Gilbert Auto Accident?

When you are driving in and around Gilbert, you expect the day to be like any other. However, should another driver who is distracted or running a stop sign crash into your vehicle, everything will suddenly change. While you will be stressed and scared, you should maintain your composure long enough to immediately call police to the scene. As for why this is important, here are a few reasons.

Completing the Car Accident Report

By calling police to the scene of your car crash, you will know that a formal accident report will be completed. When police arrive at the scene, they will immediately assess the situation and start speaking to you, the other driver, and anyone who may have witnessed the accident. Once their report is filed, always make sure your attorney obtains a copy as fast as possible, since the report will likely contain key evidence to be used in your case.

Determining Fault of the Car Accident

When police investigate an auto accident, one of their primary responsibilities is to carefully assess what happened and make a preliminary determination as to which driver was at fault. This is extremely important, since this assessment will go into their accident report and can be used by your attorney in various ways. Along with calling on the officers to testify in court, your attorney can also use this information to persuade insurance companies to settle your case in a fair and equitable manner.

Making the Car Accident Scene Safe

When you call police to the scene of your accident, this will also ensure firefighters and paramedics will also arrive to make the scene as safe as possible. Since you and others may be injured, paramedics will be able to begin treating your injuries at the scene. By doing so, you can get much-needed treatment, be transported to a hospital, and have your injuries immediately documented in your medical records.

By making that one simple 9-1-1 call to police following your auto accident in Gilbert, you can set the stage for obtaining financial compensation for your damages. To learn more, schedule your Car Accident Law Case consultation immediately with Tobler Law.