Why Is The Insurance Company Refusing To Pay For My Injuries

When you suffer an auto accident and sustain serious injuries, you assume everyone will be sympathetic to your situation and want to help you as much as possible. While that may be true of doctors and nurses who treated you, the same cannot be said for the insurance company. In fact, no matter how serious your injuries are from the accident, it is likely the insurance company will do all it can to deny your claim and pay you little or no compensation. As to why this occurs, there are many reasons why you could find yourself having trouble getting the money you need and deserve.

Delay in Seeking Medical Treatment
In most situations where insurance companies deny compensation to auto accident victims, the reason given is a delay in seeking medical treatment. If you make the mistake of not getting immediate medical treatment following your accident, the insurance company will say you were not seriously injured in the accident or may not have been injured at all. If involved in an accident, remember that symptoms from concussions, whiplash, and other injuries may take several days to develop, so don’t delay medical treatment.

Using Your Words Against You
In other situations where your injury claim after an auto accident is being denied by an insurance company, it is possible they are doing so due to something you may have said following your accident. Many times, accident victims will be upset at their accident scene and say something such as “I’m sorry” or “I’m fine” to police, paramedics, witnesses, or the other driver involved in the accident. If you did this, you may have unwittingly given the insurance company an opening to deny paying you compensation. In other instances, they may claim the police report shows you were found to be mostly responsible for causing the accident.

Rather than let yourself be denied crucial financial compensation to help pay for lost income and medical bills, schedule an immediate consultation with Tobler Law. By doing so, you can have experienced car accident and personal injury attorneys who will fight to protect your rights from start to finish.