The Legal Process of a Personal Injury Case

A Personal Injury Lawyer assists victims of accidents in recovering monetary damages for injuries caused by another’s carelessness. This could include car accidents, medical malpractice cases, premises liability suits and more types of claims.

Personal injury cases involve seeking compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Furthermore, personal injury attorneys can assist injured people and their families cope with emotional trauma caused by accidents.

In a personal injury case, the legal process begins with gathering evidence and information about the incident. This may include police reports, medical records, witness accounts, photographs, video tapes of the event and other documents.

Once a personal injury attorney has collected all pertinent information, they perform liability analysis. This usually entails research on applicable statutes, case law and relevant legal precedents. Unfortunately, this process can take time if your case involves complex issues or unusual legal theories.

Once the liability analysis is complete, your lawyer will review all of your medical bills and documents. They also request narrative medical reports from treating physicians which detail treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, and disability information.

Your personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the appropriate insurance companies to settle your claim. This could involve submitting a package of medical bills, reports and income loss documentation along with an offer to settle.

Your personal injury attorney may meet with representatives from both your auto insurer and the other party’s liability insurer to gain a fuller understanding of your injuries, damages and the circumstances surrounding the crash. They may also request depositions from both attorneys to gain further insight into each party’s position.

Most cases, settlements are reached within a few months of filing the lawsuit. This can occur for various reasons, such as the at-fault party wanting to avoid trial or the plaintiff wanting to move on with their lives.

If a settlement cannot be reached, your personal injury lawyer will file suit in court against the responsible party. Unfortunately, litigation in these cases often takes an extended period of time and may even last years.

A personal injury case can be a challenging endeavor, but the reward comes when you hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. A qualified personal injury attorney can guide you through this difficult journey and seek maximum monetary damages possible.

Personal injury Lawyers usually operate on a contingency basis, meaning their fee is taken out of any settlement they obtain for you. This is advantageous as it means there are no out-of-pocket expenses associated with legal representation.

Before selecting a lawyer for your personal injury case, be sure to request references and listen to what past clients have said about the firm. These reviews can help determine if the lawyer is suitable for your particular circumstance.

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