Does a Tempe Personal Injury Attorney Think Your Bike Injury is Worth a Claim?

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When a person thinks of a car accident, they picture two vehicles striking one another or a lone vehicle hitting a fixed object.

However, that is not the only type of motor vehicle accident. In fact, motor vehicles strike cyclists daily in the United States, and Tempe is no stranger to them either.

In fact, 29 cyclist fatalities were reported in the Arizona Department of Transportation’s 2015 Crash Facts, and these were based on motor vehicle-versus-bicycle accidents. This accounted for 3.24 percent of the traffic-related accident deaths in the state.

The injuries for 2015 were over 1,400, and cyclists were struck by vehicles more than pedestrians in 2015.

When a motor vehicle hits a person while on a bike, they may wonder if they have a viable personal injury claim against that driver. It is best that they consult with a Tempe personal injury attorney first, but also consider the following indicators.

5 Indications a Bike Claim is Worthy of a Lawsuit

  1. The Responsible Driver Was Cited or Charged with a Crime. If the driver was given a citation or was charged with a criminal act because of the accident, then proving a negligence claim will be much easier.
  2. The Victim Was Hospitalized for Injuries. If the victim’s injuries were severe enough to require hospitalization, then they have suffered enough damages to warrant a claim against that driver.
  3. A Child Was the Victim of the Accident. If a child is struck by a motor vehicle, drivers are held to a higher standard of care. Therefore, the driver’s conduct could be questioned and used in a personal injury claim. This is even truer when an accident occurs in a school zone, where drivers are required to exercise caution and look out for children.
  4. An Expensive Bicycle Was Damaged in the Motor Vehicle Accident. Professional cyclists have bikes that can cost as much as $12,000 or more. There are customized road cycling bikes that sometimes surpass $20,000, according to Forbes. When a luxury bike is destroyed, along with injuries to the cyclist, a lawsuit should be filed.
  5. The Cyclist Took All Precautions While Sharing the Road. Not all accidents between a bicycle and motor vehicle are the fault of the motor vehicle. However, if the cyclist was following all precautions and laws when sharing the road, it is much easier to collect compensation.

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After an accident involving a motor vehicle and a bicycle, you and your loved ones will have questions. You may suffer from catastrophic injuries, especially due to the force of an impact with a motor vehicle. Therefore, you need an advocate ready to fight for you.

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