Recovering After Your Tempe Car Accident?

If you were struck by a careless driver while going to the store or other destination in Tempe, you now have weeks or months of medical treatment ahead of you. From the physical therapy to the endless appointments with doctors, your life is now turned upside down. Worst of all, you also found out the insurance company is denying your injury claim, keeping you from gaining much-needed compensation to pay your medical bills and replace your lost income. Rather than let the insurance company get away with this, hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle negotiations on your behalf.

Building a Case
Once you have a skilled personal injury attorney on your side, they can go right to work building a strong case in your favor. From gathering medical records and police reports to interviewing witnesses who saw exactly what happened, your attorney can soon have the insurance company thinking twice about its approach to your situation.

Getting What You Deserve
As awful as it sounds, insurance companies love denying accident victims the compensation they deserve. This is especially true in auto accident cases, since these can be very complex. Unfortunately, insurers often try to take advantage of the desperation victims experience after these accidents. With medical bills piling up day after day and no more paychecks on the horizon, victims often make the mistake of accepting a quick settlement offer from an insurance company. However, the amount of money involved does not begin to help victims pay their bills. By having an attorney on your side who understands this, they can pressure the insurance company into holding good-faith negotiations that will ultimately result in you gaining the financial compensation you and your family need and deserve.

If you have been going back and forth with an insurance company to no avail, don’t continue to fight this battle alone. Instead, schedule a consultation with us here at Tobler Law. By doing so, you will have car accident attorneys who not only care about you and your family, but also ones who are willing to take the fight directly to insurance companies.