Should I Sue My Doctor Or Pharmacist For A Prescription Drug Error?

After visiting your doctor in Phoenix and taking your prescription to a pharmacy, you assume everything will be fine. However, this changes when you get home, take your medication, and hours later find yourself inside an emergency room. Unbelievably, you were given the wrong medication by your pharmacist. Now that you know what happened and have made it through the life-threatening mix-up, you should now meet with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you should sue your doctor and pharmacist for their negligence.

How Do These Accidents Occur?
When a prescription drug mix-up happens, it is due to many reasons. The most common involves the pharmacist being unable to read the doctor’s handwriting on the prescription. Other reasons include the pharmacist being busy and putting the wrong pills into a bottle, getting confused about two drugs that have similar names, and miscalculating the dosage. Whatever the case may be, the fact is both your doctor and pharmacist put your life in danger due to their negligence and carelessness, which is why you should turn to an attorney here at Tobler Law immediately following these circumstances.

Suing for Compensation
If you were given the wrong prescription drug by your pharmacist, you certainly have the right to sue for various types of compensation. Since taking the drug landed you in the hospital, you will have incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills, and may have more expenses ahead of you if you need additional treatment. In addition, the extreme side effects from this mistake have likely meant you have been unable to work and provide for yourself and your family, and thus should be compensated for your lost income. All of this, coupled with the pain and suffering you have endured, all add up to a situation that demands those responsible be held accountable for their negligence.

Since an error in judgement by your doctor and pharmacist has cost you financially and taken an extreme toll on you physically and emotionally, speak to a personal injury attorney at Tobler Law who has a reputation for helping clients get maximum compensation for their injuries.