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Disputing Fault in a Phoenix Personal Injury Case

Phoenix personal injury

After an accident or other Phoenix personal injury incident, a victim may know that they did not cause the incident. In fact, in some cases, the other driver even admits guilt at the scene. However, once insurance claims adjusters get involved, suddenly the other party is recanting their story or claiming they were not at… Read more

How a Mesa Accident Attorney Helps in a Road Rage Accident Case

A majority of car accidents occur in Mesa because of road rage and aggressive driving. These persistent attempts are done to scare drivers and unfortunately, these types of incidents can be life-threatening. When drivers act aggressively or deliberately drive reckless on the road, those sharing the road with them suffer. The best way for drivers… Read more

Things To Know Before Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney

After being injured in an accident with a semi-truck, a victim will be in pain, upset, and have endless costs adding up. These losses may make a victim wonder if hiring a truck accident attorney is the best solution. Before calling an attorney, however, a victim needs to gather some information. Considering the sheer size… Read more