News: Head-on crash kills 11-year-old girl, injures 3 others in El Mirage

EL MIRAGE, AZ – A head-on car collision left three with life-threatening injuries and one 11-year-old girl dead Wednesday night in El Mirage.

ABC 15 said the crash occurred around 6:30 pm near El Mirage Road and Olive Avenue. According to EL Mirage police, a pickup truck was driving on El Mirage Road when it crashed into a car going north. It also rolled over once.

El Mirage Police said the driver of the pickup truck was a woman. The passenger was identified as 28-year-old man Adrian Ballesteros. The couple argued, leading to Ballesteros pulling on the steering wheel. This made the woman to lose control of the truck, which made made the truck go off course and hit the car. 

Ballesteros was arrested and charged with five counts of endangerment and one count of manslaughter. It is unclear if Ballesteros and his girlfriend suffered injuries.

The 11-year-old girl was in that car. She was ejected from the vehicle because of the force of the crash. She was transported to a hospital, where she died.

The driver of that car was a 53-year-old woman. The woman, along with two other girls, both 14 and 16, were all transported to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.


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