Broadside Motorcycle Accidents in Phoenix AZ

When one motor vehicle hits the side of another motor vehicle, it’s called a broadside impact. Broadside crashes are often referred to as T-bones crashes. They’re dangerous accidents because nearly all of a motor vehicle’s safety features and mechanisms are focused on frontal impacts. On most passenger vehicles, other than doors and windows, side safety features are lacking.

Broadsided On a Motorcycle
If a motorcycle is broadsided, the situation is likely to be catastrophic. Other than maybe a helmet, motorcyclists aren’t offered any protection at all from a broadside hit. They’re completely unprotected. It’s highly likely that a rider’s leg and hip are going to take the impact from one side or the other. If the motorcyclist lives through the crash, he or she can expect severe leg and hip fractures, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries and possible spinal cord damage. The motorcyclist will be thrown from the bike, and other impacts are likely to occur with another vehicle, a fixed object and the pavement. The thrown rider might even be run over.

People Don’t See Them
T-bone motorcycle crashes can occur in a variety of ways. Most of these types of crashes happen when drivers of other vehicles go through traffic control lights or stop signs. Drivers might otherwise fail to yield the right-of-way to a motorcyclist, like when they’re making a left turn or entering a roadway from a private drive or an alley. Even with their lights on in broad daylight, motorcycles present small and narrow profiles on roadways. After a broadside motorcycle crash, it’s not at all uncommon for drivers to say that they either didn’t see the motorcycle approaching or didn’t see it until it was too late.

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