Determining if You Have a Prescription Pill Medical Malpractice Case in Arizona

shutterstock_386424964When you think of the term “medical malpractice”, there’s a good chance you are thinking about instances where doctors make a mistake during surgery or where someone is harmed by a nurse’s mistake in the hospital. However, there are medical malpractice cases that revolve entirely around someone’s prescription medications. There are many instances where a doctor can be held liable in a medical malpractice case because of the medication they prescribed, or even because of the medication they didn’t prescribe.

What Determines if You Have a Prescription Pill Medical Malpractice Case?

While each case is different, there are some instances that can definitely be considered medical malpractice in Phoenix when it comes to prescription drugs. For example, if a doctor wrote their patient a medication and didn’t take into consideration the other drugs they were already on, they could be held liable for any physical damages the patient sustained because of a bad interaction between the drugs. There are many pills that cannot be taken in combination with each other because they will cause negative side effects or even death.

There are also instances where patients have been given the wrong medication because a doctor misdiagnosed a condition. If a doctor didn’t perform a thorough examination of their patient and wrote them a medication that caused them harm, then they can be held liable for the damages they caused. There are also instances where doctors have written prescriptions in illegible handwriting that caused a pharmacist to become confused. So many pills have similar names but do completely different things. If a pharmacist thought they knew what a doctor was trying to write and filled a prescription for the wrong medicine, then the patient could be in serious trouble.

Another thing that could determine a prescription pill medical malpractice case is whether or not a doctor considered their patient’s known allergies. If someone has an allergy, it needs to be made well-known to their doctor right away. There are some medications that contain certain ingredients which will interact negatively with a patient’s physiology. For example, someone who is lactose intolerant will not be able to take a pill that has any form of lactose inside of it. Lactose is actually inside many pills, and this could cause someone to have very unpleasant experiences.

If a doctor refused to write a patient medications that would save their life, then they can also be held responsible for their mistake. Some doctors will require more proof of a condition before they write a prescription for a certain medication, and getting the proof from other medical facilities could take time. During this time, a patient may become sick or experience pain because they did not have access to their medication. These cases are sometimes more complex to prove in court, but it’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer about your situation just to see if you’re eligible to seek compensation for the troubles a doctor put you through.

Another common reason people take a medical malpractice case to court regarding their medication is because they were given the wrong dosage amount. One of the best examples of this type of situation is if a doctor gave a diabetic patient too little insulin. This will result in a bad situation for the patient because there’s a chance their blood sugar will get too high and they could go into a diabetic coma. Also, if someone was given a prescription that was way too high of a dose, the doctor could be held liable for any injuries it caused to the patient.

Other Things to Consider About Prescription Pill Medical Malpractice Cases

It’s important to know that a pharmacist and a pharmacy may be held responsible for someone’s injuries as well. A pharmacist could mistake a doctor’s prescription for a different medication because they were being careless, resulting in a patient getting pills that they don’t need or pills that could harm them. In these instances, your lawyer will seek compensation for your troubles from the pharmacy as opposed to the doctor who wrote the prescription. It’s important to bring any paperwork you have when you visit with your lawyer so they can figure out where the mistake was made and who made the mistake. Sometimes, even a pharmacy technician can make a mistake that ends up harming a patient. Your lawyer will be able to go over your paperwork and discuss your situation with you to determine if you have a medical malpractice case or not.

Medications are not something that should be taken lightly. While some people may think that a tiny pill could never kill or harm them, they are very wrong. Mixing two pills that aren’t meant to be taken in combination with each other can result in a serious reaction that could put a patient in the hospital. Also, taking a pill that’s too strong for a particular patient could also have them taking a trip to the emergency room.

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