How Can A Lawyer Help Me Sue A Tempe Nursing Home For Abuse?

In today’s world, nursing homes are needed more and more by individuals whose elderly parents or other relatives need 24-hour care. Due to the various needs of patients in these facilities, staff members are often asked to work long hours and perform numerous tasks on their shifts. While in most cases all goes well once a relative is placed in a nursing home, there are times when family members suspect something is going horribly wrong. If you believe a Tempe nursing home where your elderly family member resides may be guilty of abuse, here is how an attorney from Tobler Law can help.

Examining Nursing Home Records
In many situations where various types of physical or other abuse is taking place inside a Tempe nursing home, it often turns out to not be the first incident that has occurred. Since nursing homes are supposed to be highly-regulated, they are subject to periodic inspections by officials. If you suspect a nursing home is guilty of abuse, your attorney can examine records of past inspections to uncover various violations and complaints that have been lodged against the facility. Once this is done, a picture will begin to emerge that will be useful in planning a legal strategy.

Discussing Your Evidence
When family members suspect a relative is being subjected to nursing home abuse, they often try to piece together as much evidence as possible to support their suspicions. In many cases this will include taking photographs of bruises, broken bones, cuts, and other injuries that may be clearly visible yet have not been clearly explained by staff as to how or when the injuries took place. By working with an experienced attorney who has a track record of successfully handling nursing home abuse cases, you can have various kinds of evidence examined by a legal expert who will provide their professional opinion as to whether a personal injury lawsuit should be brought forward.

While many family members hesitate to bring abuse allegations against a nursing home, failing to act often results in tragedy. If you have suspicions, schedule an immediate consultation with Tobler Law.