4 Steps To Take If You Are Bitten By Your Neighbor’s Dog In Phoenix

While dogs may be considered man’s best friend, there are times when they decide to bite the hand that feeds them or attempts to pet them. When this happens, the injuries can be devastating. Even with smaller dogs, sharp teeth can lead to lacerations, ligament damage, and scarring. When this happens, it is crucial you work with an attorney in Phoenix who handles these cases on a regular basis. Should you decide to seek compensation for your damages, here are four steps you should take in these situations.

1. Take Photos of Your Injuries

If you can, always take pictures of the injuries you sustained from the dog bite. This will be important, since having photos will make it difficult for an insurance company to claim you were not severely injured from the accident.

2. Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you believe the dog bite is not that serious, don’t take chances. Instead, always seek medical treatment immediately. By doing so, you can possibly limit the amount of scarring that will occur, as well as avoid the possibility of developing a serious infection. In addition, your injuries will be documented in your medical records, which will be important upon filing a lawsuit.

3. Obtain Information About the Dog

If possible, obtain as much information as you can about the dog. This should include whether or not the dog is current on its rabies vaccination, if it is licensed, and whether or not it has a prior history of biting other people. Also write down a description of the dog that bit you, including its breed, color, and size.

4. Obtain Owner and Witness Information

Once you have suffered a dog bite, always make sure you obtain information from the owner and anyone who witnessed the bite. This should include names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and insurance information from the owner. If you speak to a witness, write down exactly what they tell you they saw, or better yet use your smartphone to make a video of your conversation. By doing so, the witness will not be able to change their story later on.

For any more questions, be sure to contact our professional dog bite lawyer in Phoenix today.