3 Things To Do If You Are Injured By A Defective Product In Tempe AZ

In today’s world, consumers have many products from which to choose. Whether it is a power tool, kitchen appliance, exercise equipment, or other product, you expect upon purchasing the item it will be safe to use. Unfortunately, that is not always true. In fact, thousands of people annually are injured by defective products, leaving them with injuries that sometimes result in permanent disabilities. If you are injured by a defective product in Tempe, here are some important steps you should always take to help with a potential personal injury lawsuit.

1. Get Medical Attention

If you are seriously injured, always seek medical attention. By doing so, your injuries will be treated and immediately noted in your medical records. Once this is done, the product’s manufacturer will no longer have a valid argument that your injuries were not the result of using their product.

2. Photograph Your Injuries and the Product

If possible, take photos of any injuries you sustain as well as the product itself. When photographing the product, always try to get pictures of warning labels as well as other parts of the product you believe led to your injury.

3. Write Down All Details

When meeting with a personal injury lawyer, it will be important you have as much detailed information as possible about the incident. Therefore, always write down all essential details of what happened. These should include the date, time, location, how you were injured, and whether or not anyone witnessed the accident. If witnesses were present, write down their names, contact information, and any statements they had regarding what happened. Once you have this information, schedule an immediate consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

In many defective products cases, it is often discovered a product’s manufacturer was well aware of design flaws or manufacturing defects that could lead to potential injuries. Therefore, they should always be held accountable for their negligence and carelessness. Rather than let injuries from a defective product ruin your life, speak with our personal injury lawyer at Tobler Law to learn how to gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.