Involved In A Car Accident? Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are driving through Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, or other nearby cities, there is plenty of traffic to navigate. While most drivers are responsible and safe, it only takes one who is drunk, high on drugs, or distracted to have you involved in a serious accident. When this occurs, you will suddenly be dealing with doctors, police, and insurance companies, all of which can complicate your life. To make sure you come through this experience with the maximum financial compensation you need and deserve, here is why you should contact Tobler Law immediately following your auto accident.

Protecting Your Rights
When you are involved in a car accident, it is crucial your legal rights be protected from the beginning. For example, if you should say “I’m sorry” to police or other drivers at the scene, they will use this against you to claim you have admitted fault for the accident. By speaking with an experienced attorney quickly after your accident, you can get advice as to what to say and do while your case plays out.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies
Since insurance companies know they can easily take advantage of accident victims who do not have experienced legal representation on their side, always contact Tobler Law immediately following your accident. By doing so, you can have an experienced personal injury lawyer negotiating a settlement on your behalf that will cover such expenses as medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Examining Evidence
Even in auto accidents that seem relatively straightforward, there is always a key bit of evidence that can sometimes turn the case in another direction. By hiring a knowledgeable personal injury attorney soon after your accident, they can begin to examine the evidence surrounding the accident to determine what really happened. In addition, they can also work closely with forensic investigators and accident reconstruction experts to piece together what happened, and can have these experts testify in court as expert witnesses if necessary.

To hold a negligent driver responsible for their carelessness and gain the compensation you deserve, schedule a consultation today with Mesa, AZ Car Accident attorneys at Tobler Law.