6 Things You Should Do if You’re Involved in a Car Accident in Mesa

During the moments immediately following an automobile crash, a driver may find it difficult to concentrate on steps to follow that may potentially help in any future legal matters concerning the accident. It is crucial that certain information is obtained at the scene and evidence is preserved. Therefore, one should be proactive in piecing together a plan to follow should the need ever arise.

1. Stop your vehicle immediately.

The law in Arizona requires involved drivers to stop their vehicles immediately at the scene. Whether the accident seems to be very minimal or very large, the law must be obeyed. Unless your vehicle is in a dangerous spot for other traffic, do not move it.

2. Call police.

Call 911 and give important details to the dispatcher. If an ambulance is needed for any persons involved, one should be requested on this emergency call. A police officer will be able to complete an accident report upon arriving on the scene, and this piece of evidence can be crucial for any potential legal claim you may need to file in the future.

3. Get all drivers’ information.

It is critical to have identifying information for every driver and automobile involved. You need to obtain each driver’s name, current address, phone number and insurance information. It’s wise to ask to see the actual insurance verification, so you can write down exact information, not just sketchy things simply coming off the top of someone’s head. Personally view and write down each vehicle’s license plate number, and take down a description of all passengers. Along with the information on drivers and passengers, be sure to speak with and obtain contact details for all witnesses who saw the crash.

4. Take pictures.

With cellphones everywhere, it’s easy to visually document an accident scene. This can prove invaluable for your attorney in the event of a lawsuit. Photograph each vehicle, showing its position, and try to get a picture that shows the whole scene with all of the automobiles.

5. Get checked medically.

Seek medical care even after a minor wreck. Some injuries may not show up immediately but can become very serious.

6. Seek legal help.

Our car accident attorneys in Mesa at Tobler Law are dedicated to using our legal experience in helping you recover what rightfully belongs to you. If you’ve been injured in an car accident, let us go to bat for you. Contact us today.