What to Do When You’re Injured in an Automobile Accident in Gilbert, AZ

Being involved in an automobile accident is both physically and mentally traumatic. On one hand, you are suffering with injuries that have you in excruciating pain, and on the other you are worried about how you will be able to earn a living and cover your mounting bills. By reaching out to the local Arizona personal injury attorney as soon as possible, both your concerns will be addressed so you can focus on healing.

Gathering Vital Accident Evidence
While you are in the hospital getting your injuries attended to, the evidence at the accident is slowly disappearing. Reaching out to the local personal injury attorney even while you are laid up in a hospital bed gives them the chance to get their accident investigative team to that location. Once on the scene, these experts will help preserve the scene for a potential trial by taking numerous pictures, making a video, speaking to any eyewitnesses, and making to sure to acquire key measurements.

Getting the Right Medical Help
Rather than seeing the one doctor on your insurance plan, your attorney will make sure to send you to the best physicians in their respected fields. These medical experts will diagnose your injuries, treat those injuries, and offer expert testimony as to how the injuries will impact you mentally and physically in the future. Their testimony carries heavy weight in court, and many times can be the deciding factor in the favor of the victim to getting the larger cash settlements.

Presenting Your Case in Court
Try to defend yourself and explain to the court that the other driver said they would take care of you, the insurance company lawyers will find a way to discredit you and make sure you are awarded nothing. Having a skilled local personal injury attorney representing you means that your case will be professionally presented to the judge, the jury, and the insurance company attorney. A cash settlement offer will be made, and if the other side doesn’t want to pay, they will know upfront that they are going to be involved in a costly and lengthy trial.

Your local Gilbert, AZ personal injury attorney is fighting on your behalf so that you are taken care of well into your later years. Don’t think you have deal with these issues on your own just because you were assured the other driver would compensate you. Focus on healing and leave the rest to your lawyer.