How an Arizona Boat Accident Lawyer Can Help?

Most boating trips go smoothly, but accidents do sometimes occur. These accidents may result in injuries or property damage to victims who could file a claim and seek compensation for their losses.

An experienced Arizona boat accident lawyer will conduct a detailed investigation and compile relevant documents, such as medical records, insurance policy details and police reports, in support of their client’s case.

Recovering Compensation After a Boating Accident

After being involved in a boating accident, its aftermath can be both stressful and overwhelming. You need to address both your own injuries as well as ensure the wellbeing of everyone on board – including filing an insurance claim or lawsuit against those at fault for the collision. Tobler Law can assist in this process and guide you towards justice.

Personal injury claims can help you recoup compensation for all costs related to an accident, from medical bills and long-term care due to permanent disabilities to lost income due to incapacitation as well as pain and suffering.

Our attorneys possess the necessary expertise in evaluating evidence, identifying those at fault, and building an effective case for you. We will fight to level the playing field when dealing with insurance companies from those responsible. Furthermore, if necessary we won’t hesitate to take your case all the way through to trial in order to secure you the compensation that’s rightfully yours.

Arizona laws cover boating accidents similarly to motor vehicle collisions; however, it’s important to keep in mind that under pure comparative negligence standards your financial award may be reduced proportionately if found partly responsible. Hiring an experienced AZ boat accident attorney like Tobler Law may help minimize your share of fault so you can receive maximum damages available to you.

Investigating the Arizona Boat Accident

As opposed to car accidents, which generally involve police and insurance companies, boating accident investigations require assistance from an experienced maritime lawyer. Your attorney will work alongside experts in order to examine what caused the crash. Their initial investigation may include gathering information from you, witnesses and any other participants involved in the event.

Your lawyer will also identify those responsible, such as negligent boat operators or tour boat companies who fail to train or supervise employees adequately, or an owner allowing someone with a suspended driver’s license to operate the vessel in question. It could even have been caused by design or manufacturing flaws within watercraft itself.

Boating accidents often result from someone’s negligence, such as drinking or using drugs, operating at high speeds or making unexpected maneuvers. An attorney specializing in boating accidents can help victims seek justice from those liable and recover compensation from them.

Damages for medical expenses, loss of income, long-term care costs for permanent disabilities and any other losses sustained due to your injuries may be awarded as compensation by courts. Punitive damages may also be awarded against those responsible as an incentive against further harmful conduct from others.

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Identifying the At-Fault Party

Locating the responsible party in a boating accident case can be complex. An experienced attorney can interpret available evidence and assess what damages may be awarded against that party.

As soon as a boating incident or accident has taken place, the first party to investigate should be its operator. They could be held liable if they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs when operating their boat, speeding, not practicing due diligence to avoid hazards, not providing enough training or providing adequate safety equipment to their passengers.

Other people and entities that could bear responsibility include charter or ferry operators, private owners of rented boats, marinas and the manufacturers of parts or vessels involved in an accident. While maritime law does not prohibit recovery for an injured operator who was found responsible, typically their recovery would be reduced proportionately as per maritime law standards.

Many people mistakenly assume that even if they share partial responsibility for a boating accident, they cannot receive compensation. While courts will assess each party’s contribution, those found more responsible will still receive some form of reimbursement from Tobler Law attorneys can guide you through this process and help identify who owes compensation and what type of damages can be claimed as well as potential compensation recipients.

Filing a Claim for a Boat Accident in Arizona

An experienced Arizona boat accident lawyer will assist in building a strong case for damages caused by your injuries, including direct and indirect losses such as medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and emotional distress. If someone in your family was killed in the accident, funeral costs and any related losses may also be claimed against.

Just as with car accidents, filing your boating accident claim with the responsible party’s insurer immediately is key to recovering full compensation amounts. Delay could limit your chance of doing so.

Your legal team will investigate the accident to gather relevant evidence such as wreckage from any involved vessels, eyewitness accounts and physical evidence. They will work with boating experts to ascertain what caused it and who is at fault.

If another vessel operator or owner was at fault, your AZ boat accident lawyer will file a personal injury claim on your behalf for medical costs and damages resulting from your boating accident. If it happened due to defective equipment manufactured or sold by one or more sellers; product liability litigation against that part; if government agencies were responsible; you can file claims against those parties as well.