What to do in Swimming Pool Electrical Accidents in Mesa AZ

Maricopa County might be the center of the universe for swimming pools, but there are legal duties when owning or operating a public or back yard pool. Whoever maintains control over a swimming pool must maintain it in a reasonably safe condition that is free from hazards that might injure or even kill somebody in or around it. That duty becomes particularly frightening when it comes to using a pool at night and light fixtures that are at or below the waterline of the pool.

If You Feel It

If a short occurs in a pool’s electrical system, a person in the pool might get a warning. It might come in the form of tingling or even an electrical shock. That’s when it’s time to immediately get out of the pool and have the entire electrical system shut down. One touch to a shorted out light fixture can cause electrocution and death in seconds.

Inspection and Inspection Again

If a swimming pool is properly built and installed, it will need appropriate inspection by governmental entities before anybody can ever get in it. Any local building code is going to require a hard wired circuit breaker and a ground fault interrupter that will shut power to the pool off in a split second. Pool lights should be connected to that system. The entire system should be inspected at the first indication that something might be wrong. That’s because the owner or operator of a pool can be held liable for an injury or death that might result from hazardous electrical conditions. Nobody wants an accident or death from something like that on their conscience, even if they’re heavily insured.

What Happened? How Did It Happen?

People are tragically electrocuted and die every day. Others are severely injured. There are times when even the electrical inspectors are remiss. As Mesa personal injury attorneys, our objective is to protect you and your family from harm. If a member of your family suffered a swimming pool electrical injury or death, we can help you in finding out what happened and how it happened. If the injury or death was a result of the negligence of the pool’s owner or operator, we’re also available to help you in your legal claim for damages.

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