We’ll Fight For You.

In January, 2010, we were retained by a nice lady that was bitten by a large dog.  Our client was 71 years old at the time of this incident.  The attack caused very serious injuries. Including a left knee lateral medial meniscal tear.

Although retired, prior to this incident our client enjoyed an array of extra curricular activities.  Our client was well-known in her circle of friends as a mentor. We had letters from several character witnesses expressing their appreciation of our client.

We prepared a demand package, which outlined all of the damages, provided all the records, bills, witness letters and photos of the damages. We were confident we would reach a good outcome.  Unfortunately, the insurance carrier refused to offer a reasonable offer.

It is sad and discouraging when we provide all that is needed to substantiate a reasonable settlement but the insurance company refuses to be reasonable.  Fortunately, Tobler & Associates, P.C., carefully evaluates these matters and if need be, will file a complaint against the liable party and litigate the matter. We have the resources and experience to move forward and be aggressive.  Usually, these matters are settled thereafter through mediation or arbitration.

Many times these types of incidents can take a toll on a person’s quality of life. And it is not until these matters are resolved that many clients finally get closure and are able to move forward. It’s a good feeling to know that you played a major part in helping injured people settle their personal injury claim.

By Maribel D. Buford