As a paralegal at Tobler Law, I often work with clients who are seriously and permanently injured.  Many times these clients are uncertain of what to do or consider when they get medical treatment for their serious injury.  Start with your primary care physician and get referred to a specialist. The specialist will asses your condition and provide you with a proper medical treatment program.

Things to ask your medical specialist about your serious injury are:

1. What is the prognosis and diagnosis of condition?  Has an end result been achieved?

2. Is further treatment or diagnostic testing reasonable or medically necessary?

3. Are you a surgical candidate?

4. If surgery is needed, what is the recovery time before you can return to your normal functional level?

5. What further treatment recommendations, physical therapy, medication, pain management programs, physician follow-up visit, etc., does your doctor recommend?

6. What would be the cost for any future treatment management?

7. What, if any, permanent impairment, i.e., percentage of the affected body part and percentage of the whole body, would your doctor assess you with.

These are just some of the issues you need to be concerned when you have been injured.  For additional information contact Tobler Law to discuss your injuries further.

Paralegal Maribel