Bitten By Your Neighbor’s Dog In Phoenix? Here’s What You Should Do Next

While most dogs are friendly and can be petted, there are times when the unexpected happens and they may bite a person. Depending on the size of the dog and the severity of the attack, serious injuries such as deep puncture wounds, muscle damage, and more can result. Because of this, it will be important you take certain steps after the dog bite to ensure you have a chance to gain compensation for your injuries.

Seek Immediate Medical Treatment
Above all else, seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries. Since these wounds can often result in serious infections and permanent scarring, visit an ER as quickly as possible to not only get your injuries treated, but also documented in your medical records.

Obtain Information About the Dog
If possible, obtain as much information as you can about the dog that bit you. This should include the a description of its appearance, as well as if it is up-to-date on its rabies vaccine and other shots. This can be critical, since additional medical treatment may be needed for your injuries later on.

Contact Police
If you are bitten by a dog and have serious injuries, it is usually best if you contact police about the incident. By doing so, local animal control authorities will investigate the incident and complete a report on the matter. Once this occurs, always make sure you obtain a copy of the report, since it can be used by a personal injury lawyer should you decide to seek compensation for your damages.

Get Owner and Witness Information
In these situations, always obtain contact information from the dog’s owner as well as anyone who witnessed the bite take place. In addition, also obtain a statement from any witnesses, since their testimony could be crucial in helping you win a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact a Dog Bite Attorney in Phoenix like ours:
Finally, contact our personal injury lawyer (if you are in the Phoenix or Mesa AZ area) who has experience handling dog bite cases. Since you will need compensation for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, having an experienced attorney on your side will increase the likelihood of you winning your case