News: 4 injured in multiple-vehicle crash in Phoenix intersection

PHOENIX, AZ – Four people were injured in a multiple-vehicle collision after a driver ran a red light at 32nd St. and McDowell Rd. on Wednesday night.

A vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run crash at the intersection of 40th St. and McDowell Rd. after it sped away it ran a red light further up McDowell Rd. at 32nd St., according to 12NEWS. The vehicle struck several vehicles, including a city bus, before landing on its roof.

Local authorities report the driver had to be extracted. The 30-year-old driver was transported to a local hospital and remains in extremely critical condition.

Three people, a pregnant woman and two 18-year-olds, involved in the crash were transported to a local hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

Investigations into the cause of the accident are ongoing.

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