Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Phoenix Arizona

Motorcycle accidents can be very traumatic for the victims and their families, causing an immeasurable amount of pain and suffering. When a motorcycle is involved in an accident, no one is spared, no matter who was at fault. Many times, the injuries that were sustained are debilitating, leading to days of rehabilitation and a full lifestyle being difficult to maintain. When the surviving family members are faced with mounting medical bills and loss of income due to missing work and days of suffering, many people simply stop looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer. The unfortunate thing is that it is better to settle your personal injury case with the help of an experienced lawyer, rather than doing nothing, hoping that it will go away.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common types of accidents involving vehicles and riders. Studies have shown that in Arizona, a state that has one of the highest population densities of motorcycles in America, more than twenty percent of all motorcycle-related fatalities occur in Arizona. Motorcycle riders in Arizona are subjected to very high rates of injury compared to other vehicle drivers. According to a study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, in Arizona, more than six percent of all motorcycle-related fatalities were due to helmets being cracked or not properly worn. Some 9 percent of all motorcycle riders reported that they were not wearing a helmet when they became involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one ever suffer serious injuries as a direct result of a motorcycle accident in Arizona, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ right away for consultation.

There are many laws in Arizona that protect motorcycle riders and others who are involved in motorcycle accidents. Some of these laws include: the mandatory helmet law, requiring that motorcycle riders wear protective helmets. The mandatory helmet law requires that every person riding a bike in Arizona must wear protective headgear known as a “motorcycle helmet,” and it also requires that those riding in motorized wheelchairs must wear a face shield. The Arizona Department of Insurance has prepared a list of required safety equipment that you must always be wearing and it includes: a motorcycle helmet, a safety helmet with a full face shield that is attached to the face, eye protection and elbow and knee pads, leather pants with chaps, and thick shoes. Anyone who values their own safety should invest in one of these highly recommended products.

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