At Tobler Law, we encourage everyone to get Medical Payments insurance coverage.  It is also called Medpay or PIP coverage, and it covers the medical bills of you and the passengers in your vehicle after a crash, regardless of who’s at fault.

MedPay is designed for “immediate and short-term care” and is generally used first of any available insurance. Even if you already have health insurance, MedPay is great to cover the gap created by deductibles and copays.  Plus, MedPay covers everyone in the vehicle at the time of the accident, so your friends will have medical coverage even if they don’t have health insurance.

Your health care provider might want you to use MedPay first, if you were injured in an auto accident. If you use MedPay to cover medical expenses, tell the doctor or hospital your car insurance will pay for the treatment.

Your health insurer might deny coverage, until you have exhausted any MedPay benefits. MedPay generally covers reasonable and necessary expenses for medical, surgical, dental and chiropractic treatment. It also covers hospitalization, ambulance services, X-rays, nursing services, prosthetic devices and funeral services.

Insurance companies offer MedPay but most of them do not recommend it, because it is not a profit maker for them.  Make sure you ask your insurance company to explain this type of coverage, how much you can get and also ask if they may subrogate.

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