How a Lawyer in Mesa, AZ Works as an Injury Advocate for Victims

After an accident, victims are left to pick up the pieces. They juggle the medical bills, lost wages, and the emotional, as well as physical, impact of the accident.

A victim should not have to, though.

A lawyer in Mesa, AZ is there to help protect the rights of those injured in an accident. They work as their advocate and exercise their right to compensation. More importantly, they are there to take the weight off the victim’s shoulders and provide them with access to the financial compensation they need, but without the stress of seeking it themselves.

Assessing the Case

After the accident, a victim often asks themselves what happened and where they went wrong.

They may wonder what prompted the other driver to break the rules and cause the accident. It consumes a victim. They want to know who is responsible, and how much of their actions contributed to the crash. They question how far the other party’s negligence went in the incident, and how much they should pay for their injuries and damages.

All of these questions and concerns are important, and that is where a lawyer in Mesa, AZ can help.

Insurance Agents are Sympathetic, but Not a Friend

It is not uncommon for insurance claims adjuster to contact a victim immediately after an accident. They will be sensitive and caring, and they may even act as though they are concerned about the victim’s well-being.

However, it is important for a victim to realize that these adjusters are there to do one thing: save their bottom line. They want to pay a settlement, but a settlement that is much less than a victim deserves – and they hope that the victim has not retained an attorney so that they can get away with that lower settlement.

When it comes to a personal injury case and all of the expenses that are involved, including lost wages, medical expenses, auto repair costs, and more, it is best that a victim leaves the questions and actions to an attorney.

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mesa, AZ

The personal injury attorney takes on numerous tasks, including:

Discovering details that answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how about the incident.

Finding a balance between the known facts, and the knowledge gained from similar cases handled in the past.

Taking a vested interest in the victim’s best interests, and working hard to ensure they are taken care of.

Help the victim maintain perspective about their case, and understand the realities of their claim.

Negotiate with the insurer to find an appropriate settlement that protects the plaintiff – not the insurance company’s bottom line.

In personal injury cases, an attorney is paid on a contingency basis, and they often offer a free, no obligation consultation. This consultation appointment is designed for the plaintiff and attorney to get to know one another, explore options, and see if it is a right fit.

Most importantly, an attorney is not paid unless they win. They are there to advocate for their client’s rights, file paperwork according to the court’s rules and deadlines, keeps a victim apprised of their rights, and work hard to ensure their client receives the settlement they deserve.

How the Client Plays a Role in the Attorney’s Work

While the attorney does do a majority if the work, the client does have a few tasks that they must handle to make their claim as successful as possible.

Having a lawyer in Mesa, AZ does take pressure off the victim, but they must take their own role seriously in the claim.

Individual tasks that fall on the plaintiff include:

Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately:

Before contacting an attorney, the victim must seek medical attention. Some injuries may not be apparent immediately after the accident, according to Nolo, but being checked immediately after the crash might catch injuries that are hiding.

Being Honest:

A victim must always be honest. That includes honesty when describing pain and symptoms to their physician, honesty when discussing injuries and damages, and honesty during depositions and trials.

Recording Details:

It is best if a victim records the particulars of the accident, including the date and time it occurred, what they were doing, and anything said. These details are quickly forgotten hours and days after the incident; therefore, it is best to write them down as soon as possible.

Recording Expenses:

A victim must keep all receipts, hospital statements, and insurance explanation of benefits. Without proof of damages, it is hard for an attorney to seek the appropriate settlement.

Speaking with a Lawyer in Mesa, AZ Immediately After an Accident

It is important that a victim speaks to an attorney immediately after an accident.

The team at Tobler Law is available to take accident calls 24 hours per day and offer free consultations to accident victims and their loved ones.

For those injured in an accident, schedule a no obligation consultation with the team at Tobler Law, P.C. by calling 480-898-9700 or request more information online.