Falls – A Leading Cause of Injury

Last week, my grandmother fell and suffered a compound fracture to her leg. This injury likely had a much greater impact on her overall health than it would have on a younger person. She is still in intensive care this week, and it is unclear if she will recover.

My grandmother’s fall and subsequent injury was a very personal reminder of how devastating fall injuries can be. Perhaps I pondered on the subject even more, because last week our law firm also settled a case, where our client broke his neck after tripping on some uneven and dangerous steps in the middle of a walkway.

According to Consumer Reports, 8.6 million adults, age 25 and older injure themselves in falls each year. And falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths among adults 65 and older.

In your own home, you should consider taking the following steps to help prevent slip, trip and fall injuries.

• Use non-slip backing on all floor rugs
• Use rubber mats in the bathtub or shower
• Install a grab bar in the shower
• Install good lighting any place there is a change in height elevation
• Use a stool or step ladder, rather than a chair, to reach high places
• Fill in hidden holes in your yard
• If you have an outdoor pool, make sure to dry off completely before going inside and dripping water on a slick floor

For more information on falls injuries, see the Slip And Fall page of the Tobler Law website.