As a law clerk at Tobler Law, I take photos, measurements, and talk to witnesses for many of our clients’ cases.  While we always expect to gather evidence for your personal injury claim, it is in your best interest to gather any evidence that you can reasonably obtain while at the scene of the accident or injury.

Specifically, you should take photos of any visible injuries as soon as you can.  The appearance of your injury can change rapidly over time.  Often, you will have the only opportunity to take photos immediately after an injury.  At Tobler Law, we take photos as soon as we can, but more documentation of your injuries is always better.

Similarly, the conditions at the time of an injury may also quickly change.  If you have a camera available, you should take photos of any conditions that contributed to your personal injury.  For example, conditions such as weather or road construction may not remain the same after a car accident.  Water or another substance that causes a slip-and-fall injury will likely be cleaned up soon after an injury.

At Tobler Law, we understand that you may not always have a camera with you, and you probably don’t think of taking photos immediately after you or your loved-one has been injured.  However, any evidence you can gather is helpful to you and your personal injury case.

Law Clerk Jared