4 Different Defective Product Protection in Mesa, Arizona

In the marketplace today, there are many safe products. They come with proper warning labels describing any possible hazards. This makes it possible for people to feel confident they can safely use the product. There are also products made available in the marketplace that are defective and dangerous. It is possible for them to result in people becoming injured. Those responsible for the design, manufacture as well as selling of products to the public have a responsibility to only provide products that are safe to use. Anyone who is harmed by a product because of a defect could be entitled to receive compensation for any damage or injuries caused by the defective product in Mesa AZ.

1. Defective Products

When someone is injured by a defective product, they could receive compensation with a product liability action. In Arizona, it is based on strict liability or negligence. The victim of a defective product will be required to prove those responsible were involved with manufacturing or selling a defective product that was dangerous. They must also prove the product is responsible for causing their property damage or injury.

2. Design Defect

A defect in a product’s design happens when there is an anticipated possible risk associated with using the product even if it is used as intended. It must be shown the risks associated with the defective product would not have occurred if a reasonable alternative design was utilized.

3. Manufacturing Defect

This type of defect happens when a product is not manufactured in accordance with the intended design. In many cases, all possible care was taken for the marketing of the product as well as its preparation. The poorly manufactured product is still released to the public, causing harm to the consumer. This can result in the manufacturer being held liable.

4. Warning Defect

Warnings are required on products when the product presents a possible danger to those who use it. This danger also needs to be known by the manufacturer and placed on a warning label. The danger described must be present even when the product is used properly based on instructions provided by the manufacturer. The danger may not be immediately obvious to a consumer.

It is important for anyone who believes they are the victim of a defective product to seek legal counsel. This is a way for a victim to learn all their legal rights and protections. The sooner this happens, the sooner an investigation can begin to prove their claim. Legal professionals can provide valuable advice to victims of a defective product on how to best obtain the desired result for their case.