Why Proper Treatment is Important After a Car Accident in Phoenix

After the carelessness and negligence of somebody else caused you to be injured in a motor vehicle crash, you’re going to be in need of emergency medical care. For purposes of supporting a personal injury claim, your injuries will need to be documented from the moment that paramedics arrive on the accident scene. That’s just one of the reasons why you should ask the 911 operator to dispatch paramedics to your accident scene when you phone in the accident. They’ll be able to assess your condition, stabilize it and transport you to an emergency room, no matter how inconvenient or time consuming that might seem. Records that memorialize your complaints of pain and discomfort, radiological results, treatment and discharge instructions will be made. Those are the first records that operate to document your injuries and treatment in a long line of medical records that will follow.

Why Immediate Diagnosis is Needed
Immediately after an accident, it’s difficult for doctors and car accident lawyers in Phoenix to learn the full nature and extent of the injuries that a person suffered. Seeking immediate medical assistance is critical to any personal injury claim or lawsuit for the three following reasons:

  • First, there might be serious and potentially debilitating injuries that are impossible to diagnose at the accident scene.
  • Next, delays in diagnosis and treatment of any serious condition might only make it worse. At a hospital’s emergency room, you’ll be in a location where any severe injuries can be diagnosed and treated.
  • Third, doctors will be in a position to refer you a specialist like an orthopedist or neurologist for further evaluation and treatment.

Delays or Gaps in Treatment
Immediate diagnosis and treatment aren’t just important for your health. They’re also necessary for purposes of supporting a personal injury claim or lawsuit. A jury will have a difficult time awarding compensation if there are no records of damages.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident anywhere in or around Phoenix, call 911 to have the accident investigated. Ask that paramedics be dispatched to the scene, and get to an emergency room immediately. After that, contact us to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. We want to hear how your accident happened and how it has affected you. After that, we can discuss your legal options. Contact us as soon as possible after being injured in any accident anywhere in or around Phoenix.