6 Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident In Chandler Arizona

Involvement in a car accident can be an unsettling event. The actions an individual takes following the incident could go a long way towards determining compensation the victim might receive. Administer the following 6 steps after a car accident in Chandler AZ.

1. Notify Local Authorities

Once the health and safety of all involved parties are established, law enforcement professionals recommend that police are contacted. The police can offer a neutral third party who can fill out an official police report based upon the victims accounts and witness testimony. Because the document is official, a favorable police report might prove beneficial in a personal injury trial.

2. Exchange Appropriate Information With The Other Party

Assuming the other drivers are physically able, someone involved in the auto accident should obtain the pertinent information involving said individuals. This information includes their names, auto insurance, addresses, and phone numbers.

3. Take Photos

An accident victim should take photos of damage the accident inflicted on their vehicle, as well as other automobiles involved. Pictures taken in the accident’s immediate aftermath provide another more credible piece of evidence to present before a judge, jury or insurance examiner.

4. Contact Insurance Company

Upon arriving home following the accident or within no more than the ensuing couple of days, the accident victim needs to contact their insurance company and inform them of the incident. It is important to be honest and open with the representatives. Company officials are furnished with pertinent information such as police and medical reports right away.

5. Receive a Thorough Medical Evaluation

If medical treatment is necessary after an accident, administer a medical evaluation immediately. Even if the injuries sustained were minimal, receiving a thorough medical examination to detect any underlying health concerns is important. Legal teams and insurance companies will challenge that any associated health claims were related to the accident.

6. Contact Our Personal Injury Attorney

Our car accident attorney in Chandler Arizona can help you navigate through the associated paperwork and formulate whatever legal case is necessary in the event’s wake.