Can I Recover Damages If I Slip And Fall In A Tempe Store?

If you are walking through a store in Tempe doing some shopping, you expect your final destination to be the checkout line. Instead, it may be the emergency room of a local hospital. Should you suffer a slip and fall accident, you may suffer serious injuries including herniated discs, brain injuries that may require extensive rehabilitation, and broken bones that could take months to heal. If this happens, you should always contact an experienced personal injury attorney like Tobler Law. In most cases, you will be able to receive financial compensation for various damages.

Proving Liability for slip and fall accidents

Most of the time when slip and fall accidents occur, it is due to negligence and carelessness on the part of the business owner. For example, when spills happen in store aisles, many employees ignore them, are very slow to clean them up, or fail to place warning signs around the area prior to getting it cleaned up. When this happens, unsuspecting shoppers slip and fall and are seriously injured. If this happens to you, always try to take photos of the scene and gain statements from eyewitnesses who saw what happened.

Medical Expenses for your slip and fall accident

While some people may think slip and fall accidents do not produce serious injuries, they are very much mistaken. In fact, it is not at all uncommon to have victims suffer life-altering injuries. In some situations, this can mean a traumatic brain injury that forever alters how a person is able to function day-to-day. In other instances, it may mean an injured back that requires multiple surgeries and leaves a victim with a lifetime of pain and suffering. When this occurs, always speak with slip and fall accident attorneys at Tobler Law to learn how to gain compensation for these and other damages.

Hold Them Accountable

If your life is now filled with endless pain and suffering due to a slip and fall accident in a store, make sure you hold the store and its owners accountable for their actions by seeking financial compensation. To get started, schedule a consultation as soon as possible with Tobler Law, Personal Injury Law Firm to learn about gaining the maximum compensation for your injuries.