The Importance of a Professional Negotiator in an Accident Injury Claim


Personal injury claims can be difficult legal tasks for the typical injured victim who is attempting to obtain compensation without the benefit of an an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney who understands what to expect from the insurance provider. Technicalities can matter profoundly in a personal injury case because all defendants are attempting to avoid paying as much as possible, if any. Insurance companies regularly claim injuries are largely the fault of the claimant, which can reduce the available amount of compensation based on the final determination of comparative fault. The issue in a personal injury claim, whether it is an auto accident or premises liability issue, is always centered on fault and duty of care. Both of these elements of a negotiation are vital for fair compensation, even in a state like Arizona that utilizes pure comparative negligence law.

Insurance Claims Adjusters

Insurance company claims adjusters are trained professionals that deal daily with injury claims they focus on eliminating in some fashion. They are trained to spot claimants who they can convince do not need legal counsel for whatever reason they may have at their disposal. This is especially true when they have a total fault situation with their client and the case could be more valuable than the injured party realizes. A quick low offer may look enticing to an injured claimant who is in financial straits following the injury. The agent is merely focused on a quick wrap to the case before the claimant understands the value after consulting with an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney who will always advise to not sign any agreement until all case factors can be determined, such as future medical needs. The insurance companies assuredly will have a professional legal team, and Arizona accident victims need a legal team as well for equitable or potentially whole compensation for pain-and-suffering.

What a Phoenix Accident Attorney Can Do

Personal injury attorneys have legal inspection power that typical injured claimants normally do not. An attorney can evaluate all accident particulars when conducting an independent investigation on behalf of their client, often finding additional avenues of financial compensation from other negligent parties. In auto accidents these possible additional liabilities can result in product liability claims, bad faith insurance company claims, and claims against employers if the driver was on duty at the time of the incident. Premises liability cases can also find both an operator and an owner of a property liable if certain conditions exist that led to the injury. Both types of claims are always defended vigorously when he claimant wants whole compensation, and having an effective and aggressive Phoenix personal injury lawyer is a must.