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How Much Is Pain and Suffering Worth in Your Personal Injury Case?

When someone is involved in a car accident or other type of personal injury case, there’s a good chance they are going to be seeking financial compensation for pain and suffering. This type of compensation is common for people to ask for because they want to receive extra money for their troubles, not just enough… Read more

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Do You Have a Workplace Injuries Case Against Your Employer?

There are so many people who work in dangerous environments every single day of their lives. Although most of the dangerous workplaces do everything they can do ensure their employees are safe, sometimes accidents do happen. However, those who are injured in the workplace need to be sure they actually have a case against their… Read more

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Gastric Bypass Medical Malpractice Cases in Arizona

A gastric bypass is a surgical procedure in which a doctor removes or staples part of the stomach so that food will circumvent the natural route that food takes from the stomach to the intestine. Just as it sounds, this type of surgery is very complicated and requires a surgeon with extreme skill and a… Read more

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What You Need to Know About Nursing Home Abuse Medical Malpractice Cases

If you have recently put your elderly parent into a nursing home in Arizona, you may be concerned that they aren’t getting the right level of care they deserve. People you have only just met are going to be taking care of your elderly loved one, and you can’t know for sure if they are… Read more

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What You Need to Know About Your Semi-Truck Accident in Gilbert, AZ

Being in a car accident is never an easy thing to deal with. People get injured, vehicles get damaged, and sometimes people suffer from permanent consequences of the accident. However, the if you’re involved in an accident with a semi-truck, the situation becomes even more complex. While people involved in regular vehicle accidents only have… Read more

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Determining if You Have a Prescription Pill Medical Malpractice Case in Arizona

When you think of the term “medical malpractice”, there’s a good chance you are thinking about instances where doctors make a mistake during surgery or where someone is harmed by a nurse’s mistake in the hospital. However, there are medical malpractice cases that revolve entirely around someone’s prescription medications. There are many instances where a… Read more

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What Determines a Wrongful Death Case in Phoenix, AZ?

A wrongful death case is one that can be brought to court by the surviving relatives of a deceased person for compensation from the at-fault party. In Arizona, those who can sue for wrongful death are relatives of the deceased, a spouse of the deceased, a parent or guardian of the deceased, and personal representatives… Read more

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How to Determine if You Have a Medical Malpractice Case in Phoenix

A case of medical malpractice is a serious issue that patients need to treat with the utmost care. If a patient has been harmed because of a doctor’s negligence, they need to be sure the medical expert is held accountable for their actions so they don’t repeat the problem with future patients. In some instances,… Read more

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